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When it comes to heating and cooling, sometimes you just don’t need all the extra frills. iAir keeps it simple and affordable, giving you quality heating and cooling options that won’t break the bank.


iAir offers straightforward and economical solutions for heating and cooling, without unnecessary frills. We provide quality products that deliver comfortable temperatures at an affordable price.


With iAir, you can rely on consistent performance even in the most challenging heating and cooling conditions. We offer a hassle-free, no-registration warranty to give you peace of mind.


No matter what you need, the space it needs to fit, or your budget, there’s an iAir system that’s up to the task: air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, packaged units, air handlers, and indoor coils."

Heating And Cooling For
Every Season

Heat pumps have earned a reputation as the system of choice for mild climates. During warm weather, a heat pump operates as an air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable. When the temperatures start to drop, your heat pump will keep your living space nice and toasty.
iAir air conditioners have been tested to perform even in the hottest climates, with equipment that’s quiet, dependable, and affordable.
Your air handler’s job is to circulate warm or cool air through your home year-round—and that’s a task iAir accomplishes with ease. Our air handlers are designed with multiple installation configurations, giving you a variety of options to fit any existing space
When the weather gets chilly, you’ll get comfortable, consistent heating—and you can also be confident these furnaces are built for durable performance over the long haul.
The function of indoor air coils is simple: heating or cooling your system’s air and removing humidity. iAir indoor air coils make that process as effective as possible, maximizing the efficiency of all system components—and keeping you as comfortable as possible in all seasons.